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Robo the labor unions barely have a pot to pee in and the Companies they represent are struggling to keep their heads above water.

See GMs last quarter gains...(loses)

Obama has isolated himself from the people who have money to invest and spend on large items.

He really is the food stamp president as he represents those who depend on Govt assistance.

The liberal backed Unions have been placed in a precarious position. They've voted in and stupidly support the man who unintentionally through his incompetence will destroy them.

What good is a Union when the corporations they complain about go belly up or move out of the Country ?

They've priced themselves out of the labor market.

All of the democrat lies and exagerations just to re-elect a useless socialist won't mean a thing if Obamas re-elected.

The economy will get worse, the "rich" will just sit on their money and millions of Ameeicans more will suffer.
Good points. Labor unions have backed the only horse available and that horse turned out to be a nag.