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    I have been talking to a freind of mine and he was looking at a house to buy; now this house has a fireplace in it but he is looking to put an insert into it and I told him he ought to line the chimney...that's just my opinion but can't imagine not doing that to an old fireplace with a new insert!

    My question is this:

    Where can I go to get liner at a cost effective price besides a dealer?

    Many of you have seen me post in other threads so you know I am not a DIY or HO, my email should be in my profile, if you can't find it I will check back here later today and get back to you.


    Citywide (CW).

    "I don't care what you could get it off the net for, they wont warranty it and neither will I"!

    And if you don't like my "flat rate up front pricing" try and negotiate the price on that big mac you just bought pricing is exactly the same method!

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    i just bought a whole chimney kit at RE michels i would check with them to see if they have the liner also

    or ask at the supply house that you use all the time and they may be able to point you in the right direstion

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    The installation standards of most gas fireplace inserts require that a chmney liner be installed, swince the flue is usually 'way too big.

    So plan to buy the liner needed when you buy the insert.

    Many manufacturers specify what kind of chimney liner is required, and some have direct vent arrangements that have two pipes in the flue, one for combustion air. In short, you must have the correct liner for the equipment you are installing. The retailer selling you the equipment is the expert who can make sure you are getting the right liner.

    Evaluate the price of allo the equipment, including the liner, to protect yourself from being gouged.

    Seattle Pioneer

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