2 months ago I installed a 1HP 3Ph 404a walk in cooler. I did a test run for 2 days, no problem. Unit was shut down, today construction of restaurant is over and inspector coming tomorrow (health inspector). Owner turned all the stuff on but the cooler didn't work. I found the compressor grounded, what did it? I shut it down (2 months ago) from a pump down switch inside the cooler that shuts down the solenoid and fans. In the mean time we had a bad storm around here, but owner said they didn't lose power. I will replace compressor in the morning, but I just don't want to believe that **** happens. So, any suggestions? Voltage is good all across, protector was opened and never reset itself, I bypassed it to see what happens, nothing happened, I was getting voltage all across 3 terminals but no amperage, that's what makes me scratch my balls, breaker didn't trip, all connections tight, no acid, I kicked (boot kicked) the compressor, checked for ground and now was no more. I checked resistance and I had none across 2 winding terminals (must've moved brains out of the comp with my kick). What happened here? What caused it to get grounded in off cycle? Any suggestions would be nice, would really jump start my brain, I ran out of ideas, Thanks and cheers guys.