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Thread: Tesla Coil!

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    Tesla Coil!

    Hey guys,

    I'm starting a new project/hobby. I am planning to build a medium size tesla coil. See video link below. I saw a guy with a six foot one a few years back and I have always wanted to build one since. Have any of you guys ever built one? And if so, what kinda feedback can you give me?

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    I've started to make one before but never did. I believe you can use the flyback transformer from an old crt. I did some homebrew stuff for a while.

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    Built one when I was in high school. Power was a neon-sign Xformer, the main coil was 5 ft tall. This unit could generate close to 1M volts according to the article in Popular Electronics (where I got the plans). All I know is it generated sparks almost a foot long.

    One needs to be VERY careful with that much electricity. Yes, the amps are so low it is not that dangerous... however: Just one minor wrong issue... and that ZAP will go across your heart and it will stop ticking (death).

    There are lots of videos about Nicola Tesla at U-tube... some are quite interesting!

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