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    New Carrier System: No Stage 1 cooling?

    Here is my new system:
    Condenser: 24ACB736A003
    Coil: CSPHP4212ATA
    Furnace: 58PHA090-16 Furnace
    Thermostat: Honeywell 8000 (Model TH8321U)

    I was pitched this system as "enhanced humidity control" (I live in south Texas), and that this was achieved by the low-speed blower on the 58PHA working with the first stage compressor on the 24ACB7. But when the low speed blower is on (such as when the set point temperature is reached but the humidity is still high), the compressor is not. The outdoor unit only comes on when the blower is in high speed. The thermostat and 58PHA control board appear to be wired for two-stage cooling. I haven't looked at the wiring at the outside unit.

    What am I failing to understand? What if any is the advantage of a two-stage compressor in this system?


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    Call the installing contractor back, and have him fix it.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Thanks, Ben. That is my plan. I looked at the wiring they did to the outside unit. They only used two of the five wires coming from the furnace control board: a red wire connecting Y/Y2 on the control board to the brown/yellow wire on the condenser, and a white wire connecting the COM terminal on the furnace control board to the pink/yellow wire on the condenser. Does this sound right?? I don't see how I could get two stage cooling out of this arrangement...seems like an "ON/OFF" only to me. Thanks again.

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