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    Quote Originally Posted by ascj View Post
    I have used this for great.

    We supplied all of our guys with this tool. Although the one the guys had when I started in the mid sixties were a better quality.

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    This pilot cleaning pump is a real time saver. I have used all the other methods mentioned here. I would never go out doing no-heat calls without this pump. You can pull the pilot tubing off the gas valve, clean the pilot, put it back together and better than 90% of the time your problem is solved.

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    Never say never, Ive had some that got damaged during disassembly. Or they became so rusted replacement was necessary. Normal service required little poke from the inside out with a strand of a wire brush. I have seen many methods for cleaning on this thread and I am sure most are effective but this just worked for me and well. Especially when my eyes were good.
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