I got a call from one of the stores saying that the coil for the walkin cooler was starting to build ice up on it. So I get there and flip the pump down switch to the off position and notice that it never pumps down all the way. Then it starts running again. At first thought it the the thermostat that was defective but come to find out that the pump down solenoid valve wasn't ever shutting off. So I went to one of the suppliers and got a new valve body and coil. The guts to the coil that was in there and the new one were the same so a senior tech came out the verify everything and so we replaced all the guts and now its working just fine and pumping down when its supposed to.

How often do the pump down solenoid valve's go bad? This is the first that I've had to replace and it looks like its been in there since the unit was new.