So I have been looking into buying a gas powered generator. It has come down to one or two things. Hoping to get some info here:

AVR: Automatic Voltage Regulator
TDH: Total Harmonic Distortion

Will a generator having AVR technology give you low/low enough TDH to run sensitive electronics.

It has come to my attention that a low TDH, 5% or lower is needed to run flat screens, laptops, etc safely. If a generator was to have a higher TDH could a quality surge protector such as Monsters filter this for electronics?

My other concern is with my HVAC. I have a Carrier Infinity furnace w/ 2 stage coiling down stairs and a Performance series HP upstairs. I am concerned that if the power is not clean enough it will damage the circuit boards, ECM's, gas valve, etc. Or cause a problem with the ignition control. Does anyone with knowledge of this have an opinion?

I had a guy call me the other day and said his gas furnace worked fine until he needed to use his Generac GP800E generator. I believe he said it will lite but not stay lit, could be wrong. I am guessing the generator is effecting the flame sensing.

The only generator's I have found so far that claims it can safely run electonics are the Generac XP series which has True Power Technology and runs below 5% THD and and the Briggs & Straton Pro Series which states it's AVR can hold a 3%-6% THD.

In my research I have found that all Generac's have an AVR. But not Briggs & Straton.

In closing I am leaning towards the Generac XP10000E. I have left out Honda because they seem so freaking expensive for the same technology. If you can make the case for the Honda have at it and provide a M# that seems like it compares in technology.

Thanks all