Hey guys I was going to post this in the oil section but figured it is a tool in a sense so why not post it here, Im sure ill get a better answer here then in the oil section lol. Anyway Im getting into a busy time for me. I do alot of oil side work and I was thinking it might be a good idea to get a quality vacuum and something that wont break my bank while doing the side work. I have a cheap shop vac that I use here and there but I hate the thought of having an issue with it when at a customers home. At my house its one thing but somebodys elses would be real bad to me.

I did a look around and some of the soot vacs that I found are close to 500 or so. So I kept searching and it seems a few that I found are some that look like there for fireplaces and I was wondering would they work good for cleaning a boiler or warm air furnace?

Heres a few that I found: