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    Homeowner in Leesburg,Va

    I have a Carrier Infinity heating and a/c system. I also have 2 systems-one unit covers the main level and the basement areas and the other takes care of the upstairs level. (thus we also have two thermastats also). The thermastat on the main level has been saying "system malfunction" of call technition for service...something like that, but unfortunately I have just been hitting the dismiss butting, trying to override it for now. Since my husband passed away last year I have not had the time or money to take care of everything and i guess I have been just wishing it would just go away and not come back. However, now that the weather has turned pretty cold I need to get this looked into. The malfunction alert gives two different codes: number 13 and number 33. I looked up the meaning and it said Limit
    Circuit Lockout and Limit Circuit Fault. One showed 27 events on 11/1/12 and the other showed 21 wvents on 11/4/12. The unit upstairs now says #33 "Circuit Lockout",47 events 11/4/12. Both systems are not working however I am blessed enough to have a gas fireplace that works and is keeping us somewhat warm! Does anyone know exactly what this means or about how bad this might run me if I have to call a technition out? All of this is just driving me crazy computer ran out of powe and I have had to type all of this over 2 1/2 times!!! I think I'm gonna go take a coffee break for 10 minutes......
    Thanks in advance for the help.....I'll pray I get some good advice!

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    A limit trip could mean a lot of things, all of which need to be addressed by an hvac tech. Is your air filter clean? A dirty filter could easily cause it to set off a temperature limit safety.

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    My associate covers Leesburg. Call me if you want service: 540-337-2866.
    Bob Boan

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    To Bob Boan

    I appriciate the offer. Sorry it's been a few days before I could respond. Could you give me the name of your company and I will give you a call later ths afternoon or tomorrow?

    Thanks again,
    Sandy Cooke
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    To jtrammel

    Thanks for the tip. I already did check and replace all the filters though. I guess I'll have to get it checked out soon.
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    R.B. Boan, Inc t/a Bob's Heating & Cooling.
    We're on the contractor.locator on this site.

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