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    steam humidifier

    I have just put a steam humidifier in a house and am having a new problem that I have not seen before. When the humidifier calls for the fan to come on, the condenser contactor pulls in and the condenser runs. It is a rheem 2 ton split heat pump and the air handler has a x13 blower motor. I ran my 2 wire fan switch from my humidifier to the air handler and I have one wire hooked up to my 24v hot and 1 wire to my G terminal. I am wondering if my voltage in backfeeding through my thermostat and sending voltage to my contactor. I have put in several skuttle steam humidifiers without having this problem any help would be great. Also I am new to this site and if I have broken any of the rules please let me know.

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    Hopefully the original poster found this message here where it belongs.

    You can't just energized G without isolating the thermostat. Check your installation wiring diagram to see how to do that.

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    Wait till you have to clean them and it will be often. I see a lot of rusted ductwork too.

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    yes. you are backfeeding thru the thermostat.

    wait for after a year and the homeowner is pissed because it breaks and you charge them to fix it.

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