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    My gas furnace seems to only stay on for 10 min. then completely shuts off and in 5-10 secs the gas lights and blower comes on as normal and heating the home again. Service tech says no trouble codes noted. It is set for 5 cycles per hour, so I assume it would only stay on for around 10 min at a time?? I set the CPH to 2 or 10 the furnace still only stays on for 10 mins. New filter and vents are open, stat set to 90 degrees (home temp is 68) seems to work ok other the the frequent cycleing, but due to this it does not seem to heat the home efficiently and also I would imagine more wear and tear.

    Is this normal? Anything I can look for?

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    thermostat set for 90 and unit cycling off every 10 minutes?? sounds like first thing you need is a new tech.

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    Nothing for you to look for other than a reputable contractor with a competent technician. And no, it's not normal.

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    Sounds like it is cycling on limit. A GOOD tech could figure that out pretty easily. One not so good...

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    Stench, 3 good answers above. Me thinks you have a stinky tech.

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    how is it vented, does it have a inducer motor.
    is the blower wheel in good shape
    you need a tech to come out and look at it before it dies on u, for real.

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