I have a building we take care of. The building is equipped with series vav boxes w/ electric reheat on the exterior and cool only boxes on the interior. They just fitted out a new space. They installed cooling only boxes with electric reheat. We were not involved with it, due to cost.

So finally get the call, the new space is having temperature issues and their electric bill is through the roof. So I find the one thermostat was installed with a Celsius knob. That was a little funny and the temperature issue.

The problem I see it the electric bill.......I think it would cost alot more to satisfy your heat load with a cooling only box w/ reheat, then it would be with a series box w/ reheat. The main ahu's run cooling all day(no daytime warmup), due to it being a medical office facility. We only reset the discharge air 8 degrees and it based on OA.

So I explain everything to the company's operations manager. He calls me back and tells me he needs something in writing, about the differences in vav boxes. The construction manager says a vav is a vav, there is no difference.

I'm not the best with typing out explanations......so I'm looking for a link or something to refer them too.