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    Brasch CO/NO2 Panel

    Has anyone ever worked with these before? The job was spec'd with a brasch GDCP-0 panel with CO and NO2 sensors. The drawings are too ambiguous and the rep has no clue that these were in the job. What im curious about is it capabilities and limitations. Before posting on here I googled everything that the job asked for regarding these sensors. The sequence calls for exhaust fans to turn on when the co/no2 levels get too high which is easy enough but I hate being responsible for 3rd party controllers. It looks like its a stand alone panel. How im the only one on this job that knows about this thing is beyond me, but I have to deal with it. Can anyone shed some light on this thing?

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    I haven't used them but I just proposed a retrofit to a parking garage using the GDD Series from KELE which was the only one out there I could find that did both.
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    I sent an e-mail see if any of it helps.

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