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    I just had a contractor re-did the concrete patio in my backyard. Lo and behold, when he finished the job I realized the new patio has a pretty steep pitch (he said this is better for drainage), like 6 inch over 10 foot. I searched the net and found this slope is way over the reommended by Carrier. (My unit is a Montgomery Ward and I don't have a manual for it.)

    I figure I will need to lift one side of my unit by about 1/2 to 1". Is there a not so tacky way to accomplish this? Is there such a thing as a sloped A/C pad to compensate the sloped patio? How would you professional deal with installing an A/C on a sloped patio?

    Thank you in advance.


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    We run in to that problem a lot (all thou not that step). We will pour a new, level, concrete pad on top of the patio for the condenser to sit on. It should be at least 2" thick at its thinnest part; also it needs to be pinned to the existing patio.
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    Shim it up though doesn't sound too far off to me. Sloping the patio makes sense.

    Wards? That's an oldie!

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    He got a little carried away. 2 and 1/2 inches over 10ft is plenty. With that unit, I would run it like it is, and replace when it dies, and not worry. It's old enough to warrant replacement, and you might be working/spending money for nothing.If you insist, throw a cement shim under it(cap block should be close).
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    3/4" rubber equip pads under 1 side should get you close enough.

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