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    Need education on Make-Up Air & Vent Hood

    We are in the make-up air talking stages with our builder & I need some talking points to take with me when he & I discuss:
    Our 4 burner gas range + make-up air in relation to the 600 CFM hood & Dehumidifcation.

    So I think the current plans for the make-up in regards to the hood is something like this:

    1) Passive makeup air duct rather than a powered makeup air unit.
    2) Duct includes a motorized damper that is wired to come on simultaneously with the range-hood fan like Broan MD8T or Broan MD8TU (not sure differences)
    3) Broan recommends installing an outdoor air duct connected to a grille mounted on the kitchen wall
    3a) Connected directly to the return plenum of your furnace; the motorized damper is installed in the duct.
    4) One 8-inch-diameter duct works for a range hood rated up to 1,000 cfm.

    Question are:

    1) Which method is prefer #3 or 3a?
    2) How does this play into the most cost efficient dehumidification strategy in the reports below (pgs. 8 of first link & pgs. 17 +48)?



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