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    I got a price for a Coleman split and package unit. I think the ustomer will be better off going with the split to keep from adding duct and cutting a hole in the foundation wall. Hopefully i can make him understand that, he wanted the package unit.

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    Why can't you just run an entirely new trunk under the house and use standard equipment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by supertek65 View Post
    Just put in a split!!!
    Ya know yur a redneck when... ya own a yard furnace.

    I pulled an 87,000 and put in a 40,000 carrier mh unit in a 1700 sf double wide a few years back. 1.5 ton heat pump. Smallest fan they made. People hated watching tv with remote in their lap. Happy they don't have to do that any longer.

    Very happy they're annual gas went from 1000+ therms to just over 600. Electric stayed about the same. $4-500 annual savings.

    Taped holes in beer can duct, connected hard return to center return that previously jumped to open plenum road barrier return, and caulked leaky window extension jambs (you need a blower door to understand leakage opportunity.)

    Expect energy use to go UP quite a bit with a yard furnace.
    Which makes more sense to you?
    CONSERVATION - turning your thermostat back and being uncomfortable. Maybe saving 5-10%
    ENERGY EFFICIENCY - leaving your thermostat where everyone is comfortable. Saving 30-70%

    What is comfort? Well, it AIN'T just TEMPERATURE!

    Energy Obese? An audit is the next step - go to, or RESNET, and find an auditor near you.

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