Dear all,
The project I’m working is to retrofit the control of a centrifugal 2 stage R12 Trane unit.
The unit has oil DP switch (not transducers) and pulsed actuator motor (not stepper)
I want to keep this configuration and install CH530 (CH531) but since CH531 is officially obsolete, Trane offers Tracer TU with transducers and stepper actuator module.
According to Trane literature and Trane retrofit wirings CVR program can accept DP oil switch and pulsed actuator motor. In few words I want to convert a CVGB unit controls (with “Black Box”) to CVGF controls.
Except pulsed motor actuator everything else is same.
Have you ever done similar retrofit (CVHA, CVHB)? Please let me know your comments.

Why pulsed actuator and DP oil switch instead of stepper actuator and transducers?
Except of cost reduction, I don’t want to “touch” tag operator and there is no need for transducers since CVGF don’t use.

Thank you and best regards,