I am currently in the process of programming about 100 VAV (M# BAC-7001) using BacStage and then I will be importing them into AX. I go through about 40 VAVs and then my device list stopped responding. I rediscovered the system and every VAV came up with a "READ ERROR" and now I can't get into any of the controllers. I tried creating a new system and it rapidly brings up the 40 or so programmed VAVs but with the "READ ERROR". I have been looking for the file to delete the saved system or some how create a new system where its not going to bring up the controllers from the computers memory but haven't had any success. Any advice?

Also, does anyone have an explanation of the parameters for this controller and how to program it. I know how to program what I need (min and max flow, flow coeff, setpoints) but would like some expanded literature, such as how it calibrates the flow sensor, how the loops calculate, etc.

I have had very little success with trying to deal with KMC and my supplier is learning at the same pace as me, therefore I have no quick tech support to bounce questions off.