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    Service calls from Hurricane Sandy?

    HVAC company I work for has been closed because of the storm this whole week. I've been wondering has anyone had any interesting service calls from the storm??

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    I had one on Tuesday, not really all that interesting though. One of my customers wanted a York chiller to run that hasn't been used since 2007.

    Had another company look at it, then called us out. It had 1 circuit that has been flat since 2005 (in my notes) and they added 60lbs. total charge of 65lbs) to try and make it run. it kept going out on low suction pressure on them. Hot gas bypass wasn't operating. The machine needs a complete overhaul. It will probably be better if they replace it.

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    Here's one I had from the Philly area....
    ”my boiler won't fire. It was under 3 feet of water during the storm, and I let it 'dry out' for a few days. Can you come over and get it running?"
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