I realize every manufacturer has their own spec's but with that said here are some of my questions:

How long of T-stat wire is too long of a run when using a thermopile?

What's the best size of wire and type of wire to use for the stat wire?

Would it hurt my gas valve if I replaced my thermopile with a larger millivolt one?

I've had my fireplace for 15 years now and it's pretty much been inconsistent when it comes to the flame signal producing enough "umph" to kick on the main gas. That's why the questions. Occasionally I'll clean up the thermopile hoping that might help. I've even thought of just putting a switch in parallel with the t-stat so I could override the t-stat. I can't remember the millivolt signal I'm getting. Should have measured it again before I posted this... sorry.

Any tips for me, the guy who bought a fireplace and wishes he had paid enough more to get a nicer one?