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    Hello from Idaho

    Hi to everyone. 20 years in the hvac trade here. Have done every thing from crawl dog, installer, service tech, install manager, and business owner for 10 of those years. I am enjoying reading all the questions and threads. Still trying to find my way around the site so if I post something in the wrong location please, have patience.

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    Welcome here!

    Don't forget to fill in your profile.

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    Oh God....not another Idahoan. LOL Welcome and have fun!
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    welcome aboard,

    what chuckie said!

    spud nation-what part?
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    Who's a Ho?
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    Welcome, wadeh. The "Hello from Idaho" caught my eye. In 1980 I lived in Idaho Falls for about 6 months. I was in the Navy, stationed there for Nuclear Prototype Unit training. I remember the area and the people there, fondly. Some beautiful country. And desert, too.

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