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    Help filling out Scholarship Application Essay.

    Hello all, first time being here and I'm lucky I found this site cause I need help filling out this form so I can get a scholarship to take HVAC training. I live in south-central Indiana and I'm doing this through WorkOne, name's Travis by the way. Anyway this form requires that I get information from 3 different companies and the questions are as follows.

    Company Name:


    Phone Number(for company):

    Your Name(First name should be fine):

    Job Title:

    Are you responsible for hiring and firing?

    Do you perform the job yourself?

    What are the entry level requirements?

    What is the entry level wage range?

    What are typical benefits?

    Describe the job.

    What is the best way to gain
    skills for the job?

    What specific school is recommended?

    What are the growth and advancement

    What are the drawbacks to the job?


    That's what the form says word for word and I need it from 3 different people who work for 3 different companies. I realize that its kinda long but its required I fill it out to qualify for the scholarship. I will be so grateful to anyone who helps and I need this so bad so I can get on with my life. Thanks for your time.

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    shouldn't be too hard to go to local companies and ask those questions.

    it would actually show more motivation that asking cyberspace.
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