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I can't believe this thread went on for this long but I did get a lot of laughs from it. In reality it should have stopped after his first few post.
Using 20/20 hindsight, that's right.

However, we are a VERY forgiving bunch, and we also extend Pro status to some students, a few of whom are just as inexperienced as the OP, so it was a calculated risk that this guy might have been thrown to the wolves by a boss who put him in a truck, and said "go fix stuff." That dynamic is not unknown in the business.

Once it was clear what was really going on, several of us wanted to see if this guy could take the clues and put them together, and then post his solution, perhaps finally answering the many questions that we asked.

In this case, the calculated risk fell flat on its face. Even so, it was instructive in ways the OP never intended.