Youngwiseman Journal Entry #3,506,113; day 13 (flame sensor in my furnace):

The batal continyous feercly, but i am determining to press to forwerd on. All possibel sources for intel have been engaged: internet, ham radio and space bacon are yelding clues but with considerabal resistence. Thier is now talk of some sort of conspeeracy on one site that wood have a count of sum kind and mite lead to a downgrade in my statis and intel available.

Current IAT (whatever this means?) is 48* Using microwaive to heat citchen. Wife (ex by now?) called pleeding for me to remind to feed cat. Have not seen dog or kat for a few days now, liter box and blankee are gone.

Must go now to persew lead re: an alfalfa gang of hvac bandets. Let us prey this one they call spankee holds the kee.