carrier A/h m#40rm-012--b611hc s#4806u30804 carrier condenser M#38ard012--k501--
one tech went and found stage one frozen evap. disconnected 1st stage and i returnedthe following day to check the operation. found evap coil dirty, also txv for circuit# 1 had been replaced carrier txv part #ea03xc376 and they left the sensing bulb hanging in the air not connected to the suction line. it was about 67 degrees outside around the condenser all pressures were low so i set up for an evap coil cleaning then will check tvx. we cleaned the evap coil really good can shine a light through and see the light, installed sensing bulb onto the suction line, both bulbs are installed and insulated at 8 oclock 1-1/8 suction line. found a damper in the return duct was closed opened damper. checked amps on blower motor rated at 5.6 amps im pulling 4.9 and 5.2 on my high leg. so im pretty much maxed out. now my pressures circuit #1 low 52 psig= 27 degrees with suction line temp at king valve 47 degrees= 20 degrees SH 210psig=104 degrees liquid line 80 degrees=24 deg. SC
circuit #2 55 low psig=30 degrees, line temp59 degrees,= 29 deg SH hi side 190 psig =98 degrees liquid line 80 degrees,= 18deg. SC both sight glasses are clear, according to the charging chart i need to remove gas on both circuits im getting 17 degree split across evap coil. ambient around cond. unit was about 73 degrees thats a rough guess. please any input is appreciated i have a feeling ill be going back.