I am a researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and am interested to hear from HVAC contractors who work with small commercial buildings (<25,000sf). I am posting here at the suggestion of one of my colleagues.

For a new project, we are interested in how to best deliver energy efficiency services to small commercial clients. Given that, as HVAC contractors, you have existing relationships with these clients, we want to understand better the benefits and challenges you see in delivering energy efficiency services (general energy management as well as maintenance for efficient equipment operation). One question of interest is whether you currently use or would be interested to use analysis of a building’s hourly energy use data to better serve these clients. So far, we have had some great discussions with contractors in California, and are very interested to connect with contractors in other parts of the US.

If you are willing to speak with us and offer your perspective, please send me an email and we can set up a call – my email address is on my profile page. Thanks!