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    Few days ago company installed natural gas fireplace insert Napoleon GDI30. I can see now that pilot has quite a big flame and my fireplace is hot to touch even it is not used. I believe it is hot just from pilot. Is this normal?
    I thought to myself that maybe installers left pilot light to big and tried to adjust it. I found in manual were adjustment screw is, but I am afraid to turn it too much. I tried 180 degrees to both sides, but no impact on flame.
    Should this screw be very sensitive to turning or no?

    Thanks for your help.

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    You should have your installer do any necessary adjustments. Not good to experiment with adjustments if you don't know what you're doing, it IS natural gas, and it also complicates any warranty issues.

    The pilot is likely the correct size, and the glass will get fairly warm from the pilot. If still in doubt, call the installer and tell him your concerns.
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    Napoleons do have a rather large pilot flame. The pilot alone will heat up the glass pretty good. This is normal.

    As jetstream said, don't mess with ANY of the gas adjustments yourself!(except burner flame height knob if equipped) Have it done by a qualified tech. Even though there is no VISIBLE change, you could reduce the gas flow to the pilot enough to cause problems with the unit shutting off or delayed ignition (read- BOOM!) when the main burner lights. If you have concerns with the operation of the unit, contact the installers.
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