Last year I had a new furnace installed and had fiberglass threads coming from the vents. I discovered that the air space where the return air traveled had uncovered insulation (house built in the 70's). I had that sealed, but still had dark dust that looked like fiberglass on surfaces afterwards. I am now getting my furnace ready for the the filter, etc. and discovered that there is a fiberglass insultating mask inside the air handler...on the other side of my electostatic filter. The insulation has been compromised in several places and falls off easily.

Is this standard to have fiberglass insulation inside the air handler on a new furnace? If there was a resin applied to this material, it didn't hold it together well. How can I have it removed so that it doesn't get further contaminate the system? (I live in San Diego, and it doesn't get that cold where the furnace is located.) The air in this whole space gets sucked into the fan. I have an asthmatic son that had the worst asthma of his life all winter after this new furnace was installed. The furnace is still on the 1 year labor warrenty...can I have the company that installed this remove it? (I did tell them about my son, asked for a special filter and asked them to be careful since we had air quality concerns.)

Thank you for your advice!