Someone broke into my van, need to buy all new tools :/
As far as meters, I am coming from a UEI dl289 and sc56.
I'm thinking about going for the hs36 but have heard complaints about it being inaccurate or whatever. But not having a freaking magnet, and a place to pop my leadsinto is driving me nuts. Both of which are cured with the hs36.
I also like that I can attach all my attachment heads to the top of the 36, while I need to plug them into the leads of the 56.
How inaccurate is this hs36
Have they fixed the issues?
its been out for so long now.
And I heard about the fluctuating mv reading with the leads not touching anything, don't care about that. My Uei did it and its normal.

For all you fluke cultists, they are still overpriced and overrated, and I like the meter attachment accessories like the airflow, Co, manometer etc etc.

So being that I am willing to switch just for the magnet and lead holders, is the hs36 THAT bad as a meter that it would overshadow the positive affect of having a magnet and lead storage?
Any likes/dislikes about either?