ok i know you all are gonna say have a real tech go out and check but i am a real tech just real inexpirenced at oil. i just started messing with oil furnaces and doing maintenances and some repairs.
but my neighbor came over saying their heater isnt working. i walked over and checked it out, they turned it on from the t-stat and the blower came on which was normal. but then that was it and my first question is how the hell do you reset the new primary controller? it doesnt have a reset button all it has is an up and down arrows and an "i" button. i figured id ask here first and im gonna talk it over with my field sup tomorrow. i didnt bring my tool bag over or anything so i know many things could be the problem and im gonna dive into it tomorrow after work im just wondering about this new primary control ive never seen
thanks in advanced
(just tryin to learn and help a neighbor out)