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    Based on what I've seen using Lon FTT-10, Arcnet/bacnet, and MS/TP bacnet. MS/TP gives the most options for iffy communication wiring. For example; I don't know how many times I needed to install a system using the existing 18/2 twisted shielded wire. It'll work with MS/TP. Try that on Arcnet or Lon.
    Not to distract from the OP, but to clear the air: I've done it numerous times on LON. Not that I recommend it, but it works. Even used dis-similar wiring on the same bus - 18/2 sheilded, non-sheilded, copper, copper tinned and even 22/2 echelon rated wire for the additions to the network. Worst case was around 50 nodes, had issues with a couple of devices dropping out, solved it with a LOYTEC device in smart switch mode which it filters out the junk and only passes the valid data. *From memory it was an L-Switch with 4 FT-10 ports and a 1250? port. Didn't use the 1250 port.
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