Hi All,

I am currently working on a project where I have to integrate "lighthouse Remote 2014 Particle Counters" with my JACE via Modbus/TCP. I have 7 such particle counter which are talking to Lighthouse RS-485 gateway via Modbus-ASCII protocol. My JACE is talking to the gateway via an ethernet port and I am setting up a 'ModbusTcpNetwork' in my JACE. Each particle counter has a unique Modbus device address (between a and 7) which is configured via DIP switches.

I have borrowed a configuration software from Lighthouse to setup the gateway and the particle counters and to my understanding they are working fine.

I am adding one 'ModbusTcpDevice' in my JACE for each of the particle counters. The devices are configured to have same IP address but different modbus device address. The issue is that the JACE can talk to only 2 devices at one time. If I try to add a third device with the same IP address but a different modbus, the device stays offline and I get a 'PingFailed' error on the JACE. The station ouput shows 'Cannot connect Modbus_TCP' error.

If the comm trunks were wrong or the gatway ws setup incorrectly JACE would not have been able to talk to any of the sensor. However, the JACE can communicate with any two of the 7 devices at one time, but not more than 2.

In the modbusTCP palette, there is an another option to setup the network which is 'ModbusTcpGateway'. But If I use that, I cannt see even one device. Anyone has any idea what could be wrong?