Installing a Bosch TA 049 split system. Heater tank is 60 gal. 2 feet from condenser so pipes will be short. I intend to use the 60 gal. tank as a holding tank which will be in series with a EZ on demand hot water unit on the other side of the condenser. The EZ hot water unit is set to come on and heat water at a temp. of under 90 degrees so water from storage tank will go in and out of the EZ till without it starting up till water gets to 90 dgrees (except for the time until hot water gets to the EZ heater maybe 15 seconds then cut off). I don't intend to use a concentric fitting because of potential of lots of settlement from our county water system. I have two questions. Which should be the input to the storage tank from the desuperheater? Through the bottom of the tank from a T at drain valve or at top from the cold input with a T there? And a second question of should I put a check valve to keep hot water from the cold input side of tank from flowing down stream to a bathroom beyond the tanks cold input?

Those of you with more experience I would like to know your thoughts and has anyone ever done a hookup that way and will it work?