Background & Objective:
The objective of this GCL+ code is to make a hanging fan coil (reheat only) which is ducted to OSA turn on automatically when it is +/- 1 Degree Fahrenheit outside of the temperature setpoint.
The problem is I think it is satisfying the code whatever setpoint is placed there, and I cannot figure out how to restrict the script to keep the fan OFF when the setpoint is reached.
This is my first attempt at automating these units, they had been set to run all day via the schedule and I hate inefficiency & waste!
Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Code Snippet:

//Renamed variables to make it easier for me to read what's going on
Variable RoomTemp
Variable Setpoint
'Heating Setpoint' = Setpoint
BACstat = RoomTemp

//Beginning of script
Schedule = On And (RoomTemp < Setpoint + 1) And (RoomTemp > Setpoint - 1) Then
'Fan Start Stop' = Off Else
'Fan Start Stop' = On
End If