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    To answer some of the questions:

    1. Do they re-clean it cause its plugged?
    I am clearly no expert but they reclean I think just to do something - they all expect to find some clear problem but based on the tests they run they cannot identify a clear cause.

    2. Is filter quality filter?
    Kennecott Commercial Fulflo Filter

    3. Does the red reset button trip on the burner causing it to lock out.
    I have to push the red button to start it again and usually the temp in the house is in the high 50's. Though from what I have read this is not something you want to do on a regular basis.

    4. I appreciate what comfortdoc is saying and that is basically what I requested the last time this happened. They sent out their "top technician" 15 years experience etc. From what I can read on his notes he tested pressure in oil line, B4 filter, A strainer, Nozzle, 400 Air Vent, Flushed O.S.V, Lockout (has check mark next to it). When he left he told me he checked everything he could and found nothing significantly wrong to identify as the cause of the problem.

    Now that this happened again I thought I would just do some investigation and see if anyone knew of anything else I should look into.

    Thank you all for your comments - I appreciate your time.

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    in addition to other good suggestions aready made by others here, has anyone actually checked the oil suction pressure, oil filter, and discharge pressure to the oil nozzle?
    if the suction pressure is too geat due to a restriction or plugged oil filter or screen in the oil pump itself, the oil can gassify and result in a niusance trip on the burner. Also it is extremely important to make sure the electrodes are in good condition, no cracks in the insualtors and set EXACTLY as per the manufacturers recommendations in the burner IOM and setup instructions for that model burner.

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    A company with better service techs.

    Unfortunately. Without going into step by step instructions, its hard to tell you what they should be checking, and what the results should be if the test proves that function or device is ok.

    combustion air
    oil pump vacuum
    pump pressure to nozzle
    pump coupling
    burner motor
    over fire draft
    draft at breech
    buss contact

    Just to name a few things that should be checked.
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