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    Hey there,
    I just picked up 2 Dimplex Electric Fireplaces. I live in the NW (Seattle Area) so climate here is fairly moderate. I'm only using them to heat the upstairs portion of my house approx 1000 sq ft. They seem to do an adequate job so far so I'm thinking of using them as my main source of heat this year. So my question is this, is it safe to keep them running 24/7? This is the only way it seems to keep the temp at a comfortable level.

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    Hmmm...nobody has or had any experience with Electric Fireplaces? Thought this was the place for answers. Maybe I'll look elsewhere. Thanks anyways.


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    Cool manual

    What does the manual state? This sounds like an expensive way to heat!

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    That's the problem, the manual doesn't mention anything about this except that it will cost between .08 to .10 cents an hour to operate. I'm being charged .08/KWH by snohomish county PUD. These units are 1400 watts each. Comes out to about .22 an hour.

    I also have a fireplace insert for wood but it gets my house so darn hot I need to open up the doors even on the coldest nights. Love the insert, can't control the temp. Firewood also costs about 180.00 cord for dry wood. Figue 2 cords a season. Just figured the Electric version would be a nice alternative for heat plus it has a pretty nice looking ambience.

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