Could someone tell me the function and time delay settings of time delay relays 1DL8 and 1DL9?

Also reset relays 1K11 and 1K12 appear that the coils would be deenergized anytime there is not an open safety control and would energize and lockout their circuit if a safety opens, is that correct? I assume power has to be dropped from the control circuit for them to reset?

Last question is related to compressor sequencing. The manual shows that step 3 (75% capacity) would be Circuit 1 - both compressors 1A and 1B as well as Circuit 2 - compressor 2A. However, after tracing out the wiring it appears that Step 3 is actually Circuit 1 - compressor 1A and Circuit 2 - compressors 2A and 2B, is the manual wrong? Wiring diagram is 2307-9208.

Thanks for any input.