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    How difficult to obtain Master's license?

    I hear so many guys who are disgruntled about pay and how owners make all the money. Why aren't there more HVAC contractors out there starting there own businesses. I thought all you needed was a Master's license, is this correct?
    Can anyone clue me in about the drawbacks of working for yourself, owning your own small business.
    Thank you

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    You need a lot of capital.
    Lots of insurance.
    Lots of hours and hard work.
    Lots of customers.
    Lots of marketing.
    Many city licenses $$$$$$$
    At least one good employer$$$
    And of course

    You need to be a business man!!!

    The master license is the easiest part!
    By far.

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    alot of people can not manage, you can be a good tech but not a good business man. some guys can not work unsupervised. it takes a drive 24/7. you may have what it takes but not everybody. people say owners do make all the money but they do loose money also. if they didn't make money they could not hire all these people complaining that they are making money.

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    have just set up my own business.
    would agree that the license was easy compared to the mountain of paper work, red tape, fees.
    need a large amount of dedication.

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