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    variable speed motors

    What do you guys use for a variable speed conversion motor? I have been using the evergreen motor and love them (yes know it's not a variable speed) what I am wondering is if there is any thing better out there that has ramping profiles that could be installed in newer furnaces.

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    Emerson makes an Eco Tech rescue motor, looks similar to the Evergreen. I have no experience with them though.
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    Actually an Evergreen is a variable speed. It ramps up as static increases to deliver a more constant airflow(not quite as well as a VS programmed for a specific furnace).

    As for ramping profiles for better dehumidification etc. I don't think you can get anything for retrofit.

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    I only use the evergreen as they offered a training course through our work. The last reply talks about static pressure and it helps with our problem of new appliances with old duct systems. At least evergreen will help.

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    i just recommend a oe motor most go for it or a new airhandler. dam carrier charges more than the motor and module the the airhandler cost

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