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    What college degree or additional trade school skills could aid career in HVAC?

    If you had the opportunity to finish a degree or get additional training what would it be in. I heard a tech saying since HVAC is becoming computerized that one should get a degree to aid in operating controls. Someone else wrote about an engineering degree. I thought about going back to school and besides working on my HVAC diploma also going back to the tech school and take electrical classes. I have about 95 college credits and I thought about getting a bachelors in HVACR from Ferris College ,but that degree seems more comparable to engineering.

    I want to make myself as skilled as possible in the field ,but also finish what I began. I also thought about switching my major to Business to aid me in the future when I plan to run my own company.

    I would appreciate any feeback, as of now I am in a 12 month program to earn a diploma in HVACR. I am still sitting on these 95 college credits and instead of just letting them go to waste I would like to make good use of them. I spoke to a college careers counselor who did not know a single thing about HVAC and seeing her was a waste of time.

    I appreciate you all reading this, I haven't posted here in a while.

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    Some good degrees for various reasons would be

    mechanical engineering
    electrical engineering

    Most people with those degrees aren't fixing refers & a/c units though. They're more involved in the designing of them.

    Trade school classes that would help

    Computer courses

    More power to you for continued education!

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    Mechanical engineering would be good.

    Controls are all proprietary.
    Dont see how any college would help there?

    Really, nothing beats experience!

    Electronics is a good one.

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