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    I thought the note was kinda nice?

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    Just turn the picture up side down, silly!
    "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers it can bribe the public with the public's own money.
    - Alexis de Toqueville, 1835

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    What? its pitchin
    Haaa, nice

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    You have the same altitude like me. Got some calls where HO bought the system online, setup it up themselves and wanted me to do the final hook up. They typically tell you "I just need you to do final hook up, soldier the line, recharge the system, connect the vent pipes, ect, it's just a small job." I always tell them sure! I can do it, for $2400 + $500 permit. HO: "WHAT, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND! This will only take you maximum of 3 hours and you want to charge me that much". I replied "No sir, I am not out of my mind, but I think you are. What you are doing is like ordering a live heart online and ask the surgeon to do the surgery for you." Some hang up on me too. Just like you, not the kind of customer my brother and I want.

    Quote Originally Posted by jakeesspoo View Post
    Wow, I love how people want you to come and fix the work they obviously should not have been doing. I would give him a good high quote on what it would cost to fix this problem and also charge him a service call for sure for coming out to look at it because you know this guy is not going to pay you to fix this. After you tell him what the problem is he and his "co-worker" will fix it. I would also notify your local inspector about the install as Im sure they did not pull a permit or it would not have passed inspection. It seems like a dickhead move dropping the dime on these people to the inspector but why should you have to pay to register with your local cities and townships for the privilage to work if anyone can do it. I am a one man show so basically self employed. So you know how it is. I have to pay each township, city,village, and the state yearly for my licenses. I dont want to get started on that mess its already firing me up just thinking about that and having to clean up after these idiots. BTW we have local supply houses that will sell anything to any housewife that walks in there. I will not use those supply houses unless absolutely necessary. I get calls every week from people saying they got a furnace or ac from so and so supply house and will I install it. I tell them to get the counter guy who sold it to them to install it. They usually hang up right after I say this but that is not the kind of customer I want anyhow so Im not worried about the lost business.
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    I first inspect everything and let them know what needs done to make it safe and in code and if they don't want me to do that- i drop it.
    I'll hook it up and get it going for my usual hour charge +30 bucks an hour more for responsibility and add the materials & tools charge in.

    I don't mind it- it pays. Best to have this job than none.

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    I wouldn't even have pointed the correct installation notes out at all, since they weren't qualified to begin with. That's just taking away work to a qualified contractor. Also keeps you out of any future liability issues.
    Psalm 51:10, 12

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