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    ZN-SP on the FX-PCG1611

    This FX-pcg1611 has a NS, which has the ZN-SP in it. Can we create another ZN-SP in the Network variables ?
    What I mean is that "can we have two ZN-SP?" ---

    One is in the network variables group, so that the operator can change it via computer.

    One is in the NS so that when the user can walk up to the NS and turn the knob and change the ZN-SP to his desire for xx minutes then it will revert back to the ZN-SP on in the network variables group.

    I am not talking about WC-ADJUST of (+2,-2).

    I cannot find the NS that has the following feature: Temp, humidity, WC-ADJUST, Override,LCD display,Address switches.

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    Yes you can But you will not be able to view the active setpoint on the ns display. Take a av labeled ZN-SP and bring it into a block, make the block look at both zn-sp and come up with some logic that if one changes then pass the one that changes to the znsp setpoint determination block. It would take a time to sit down and actually rwrite it myslef to 100 percent explain it to you .
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    I'm not sure if FE 1611's use the same stats as MS 1611's .. I would guess? If so.. LIT-1900350 says you're correct, no W/C on any of the models with humidity and address switches.. "Set"point adjust only..

    I agree with Berg, you'd just need a process within the 1611 to look for a COV in the ZN-SP and select the local ZN-SP over the network AV for a timed period... again I don't know FX equipment but I'd guess you're still using LCT? You could also do the same function in LCT with some kind of COV compare, a selector block and a timer.. but I would recommend leaving the code in the field controller. You could always practice in LCT and then push it into the 1611.

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