Got a call today from another tech in our company who is having heat issues. When he got there the inducer was running and the ignition module was sparking and gas valve was open but not lighting the burner. So he took apart the burners and cleaned the pilot burners and orifices. After putting it back together it still would not light. He finally got it lit with a torch and it ran fine but would again not refire after the call for heat. He gave me a call and I suggested that it might be an issue with the pilot burners or the electrodes. So he replaced the parts I suggested. When he went to start it up again he now had nothing at all except the inducer running. The ignition modules had no power to them for some reason. I have not been there yet but was trying to figure out what happened. He did not disconnect any other wiring except the electrode. If anyone has any ideas or the wiring diagram that would be great.

Model #D2CG180N32025ECC
Serial # NKDM085916