Anyone here have experience with Data Air units? I have 4 units that I'm having trouble getting my condensing units to dial in correctly now that we are in the shoulder seasons going into winter. I spoke with Data Air and they have put me in the right direction, but I am still going off on lp and hp faults. I dialed it into SC 8-10 and SH 8-15. but it kicked out on hp later in the day. DA gave me guide lines to set up the condensing units, but nothing definite. They come from the factory set up with fan 1@65 2@75 3@80 with a 5-10 diff for warmer weather, but now we're in milder weather it's kicking off.

The last contractor low charged the units and had the condensers cycle at 1@30 2@40 and 3@50 which now in the cooler weather, the units pop on LP. But it also puts the P66 to spin the fan slow and burns out motors. I have a small book of motor replacements from the last contractor.

I have the units pretty squared away, except for the condensers. So if anyone has some tips or a procedure to dial these things in, would be great. DA does not have one, or if they do, they're not telling me.

I have been using a SH and SC meter on each circuit as I charge so I don't go over on one or under on the other. My one concern is that these units have been so screwed up, I hope the txv isn't hunting which will never let me properly charge these.