Weathered storm here fine. Live on Pamlico River. Water came up about 3 ft. on storm approach and went down 4 ft on storm departure. Winds 30 to 40 knots. Still cloudy here this am but a lot cooler. Hope all safe from storm. Was hit here last year with Irene with 8 ft. of water in yard and lots of damage. Glad to see this one just go by.

Worked with father as child in Heat and Air. He was WW2 and worked on TV and Radio and Ref. and anything anyone brought in. Sold Whirlpool Appl. for 30 years. Magnavox and Quasar. He fell dead 1977 and I kept shop going. Did more room air than central but did that too. Did comercial work at local Pig Store for 25 yrs. Got into Cable TV in 1980 and made a killing built 8 systems and sold all but one in 1989 then bought 2 100kw FM radio stations. Did engineering on them while kept shop open and kept the one Cable TV system I had left running. Sold FMs in 2003 and now retired but keep the one Cable TV system I have left running.

Live on Pamlico River In Washington NC and am redoing my wife's parents house with Geothermal systems. Any questions will be on engineering system as I understand how it works. Two split systems Bosch TA 3.5 and TA 4.9 open loop dumping into river. Well 150 ft. but pumping from 30 feet. proofed at 60 gpm.