I just bought a Honeywell CT87K to replace the one I had previously. I have an old "Night & Day" gas heater from the 70s. I notice that it turns on and off every few minutes. I read that you can adjust the cycles to reduce the number of times that the unit turns on/off per hour. Since my thermostat doesn't have numerical adjustment, what should I set the 2 On/Off dipswitches to? Is setting it to the steam/oil setting reduce the number of cycles as opposed to the electric setting?

On another note, I noticed that after the heater/fan warms and then shuts off, about 1 minute later it sounds like the fan comes back on by itself for about 30 seconds and then shuts off. Is this normal?

The owners manual is here: https://customer.honeywell.com/resou...69-1959EFS.pdf

Edit: I found a sticker on the unit that said Steam = 3 cycles Gas = 5 cycles electric = 9 cycles. Problem solved!