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So you are discharging atmosphere into the condenser? What happens to the motor current during the procedure?

Yes. Motor current is only a little higher than the bare minimum it takes to spin the rotor. You're just moving air around with no head pressure.

Do you allow it to come up to speed or just bump the starter?

Full speed in delta, preferably

I would assume one wouldnt do this on a McQuay.

I don't see why not. I'll let you know when I try it. The impeller is no less destructive when it hits with the elbow on???

That would be scarier than Halloween!

Serious pucker factor there, for sure.
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I don't know how you could tell from a picture of some boats and generic condo buildings??? You must know the area pretty well, huh?

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Awsome pics. Love the work you do. Especially love the way you talk us through each pic. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you, sir.