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    Trane Tracer Panel and ZN517

    I have no experience with Trane Tracer Panel. I have to controllers on the network, 2 ZN517's, one is communicating properly. The first thing I did was to reset the problem ZN517, it did not come back onliine. I tried a rebind, that did not help either. I put the Tracer panel to look for other devices, then I hit the service pin button, the panel did discover the ZN517. This tells me that the communications wires to the controller are good (I think). Is there something else I could try to get this device back online. I don't have any Trane software.

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    You are correct in assuming that the comm wire is good.
    It also looks like you do have at least Summit software since you were able to identify the device. You might want to check in your tools tab and see if you have rover available.
    Also, after you identified the zn did you unassign, save, then reopen assign and save?

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