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    We are not able to see the job so if you have an issue it would make it easier to help if you provide all pressures and temps. We need superheat and subcool, static pressure could help also.

    To get by on this job you could install a freeze stat and make sure it goes through a delay.
    Fan cycle switch could also prevent freezing.

    Without the info its impossible to diagnose. That condenser change out may be at the root though.

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    Are you a technician? Sounds to me like this is DIY. Either find actual problem, or add a simple "freezestat" and be done with this. Quit switching parts out unless this is your favorite brother in law who has money to waste!

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    Use the low temp limit in the fancy new digital thermostat to prevent them from setting it below 68*F.

    Refrigerant pressures are only a small glimpse into what the system is doing. Subcool, superheat, temp drop across coil, etc, etc, are all indicators of system operation. Check them....

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